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Advantages of Solstice Active Learning

A better approach to technology enabled active learning.

  • Dramatically less expensive – no matrix switcher and no AV programming required.
  • Much faster to deploy – just one ethernet-connected Solstice Pod per display.
  • Incredibly easy for admins – manage Solstice Active Learning app by utilizing Jamf.

Software-Based Video Routing

Promotes Student Collaboration

Multi-participant content sharing, control, and markup enhances engagement so teams can share their best ideas.

No Custom Programming

As a software-based video routing solution, no specialised hardware or custom programming is required – quickly deploy in hours.


Intuitive User Interface

Drag-and-drop functionality within the Active Learning app allows admins and instructors to virtually design rooms and route video with ease.


Designed for Educators

Broadcast pre-set or customised messages to all room displays to communicate and guide teams through lesson plans.

Robust Security

Enable optional authentication options, such as screen key or moderator mode, to provide additional in-room security.

Room Analytics

Provides admins with critical insights to determine ROI and further optimise their meeting or learning spaces.

Cloud Connected for Greater Possibilities

Solstice Active Learning comes equipped with powerful cloud capabilities designed to enhance the experience for both users and admins.

Conferencing Support for Hybrid Learning

Solstice works with all major conferencing services to enhance collaboration between onsite and remote students.

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Deployment Management & Analytics

Solstice Cloud is a secure cloud portal that allows administrators to easily manage, analyse, and optimise Solstice-enabled spaces from anywhere.

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Meet The Solstice Pod

With powerful software-based capabilities delivered on a flexible I/O hub, the Solstice Pod the brings new levels of collaboration in meeting and learning spaces.

Arrow Device
Solstice Pod Front Solstice Pod Front
Solstice Pod Front

HDMI Input

In addition to Solstice’s wireless sharing options, the Pod’s HDMI input enables sharing from wired content sources, such as guests that may not have network access.


The Pod’s front facing USB-C port will support future innovations.

Solstice Pod Back
Solstice Pod Back
Solstice Pod Back
Solstice Pod Back
Solstice Pod Back
Solstice Pod Back

Ethernet & Wireless

Dual wired and wireless network interface cards provide ultimate flexibility for deploying Solstice on the host IT network(s) and separate routing tables ensure no traffic passes between networks.

Power Supply or POE+

Power the Pod via POE+ or a dedicated power supply.

Stereo Out (3.5mm)

Connect the Pod to room audio via the 3.5mm audio port.

Dual USB

Room audio/video peripherals, HID touch displays, and local configuration changes are supported via the Pod dual USB ports.

Dual HDMI Outputs

Drive a single 4k display or two 1080p displays with the Pod’s dual HDMI outputs.

One Platform for Any Meeting or Learning Space

Active Learning

Lecture Hall

Training Rooms

Solstice unlocks easy-to-use content sharing and video routing for active learning rooms.


In large auditoriums, Solstice Active Learning easily routes presentations to multiple displays and confidence monitors.


Solstice Active Learning supports corporate training rooms too, allowing instructors to facilitate highly effective trainings.


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